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I am a freelance Web Designer and Developer, with 12 years of relevant experience and a wide range of previous clientele, from large multi-national corporations to smaller startup enterprises.

  • Web Design

  • Standards Compliant
  • Responsive Design
  • Powerful Media Utilisation
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Static Content
  • Database Services

  • Mailing Lists
  • User Registration
  • Content Management Systems
  • Data Manipulation
  • Dynamic Content
  • E-mail Marketing

  • Initial Consultation
  • Requirements Assessment
  • Software Setup
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Effective User Engagement

Cheers to Us

If you feel comfortable, and I feel comfortable, then we'll get more done. That's the philosophy I work by, and whilst deadlines and timescales are critical to the both of us, being able to meet for a casual coffee or a beer to discuss the project's progress will do wonders. I also aim to meet all clients face-to-face at least once, ideally before any contracts are signed.

Let's get Technical

My front-end coding work is done through a combination of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery. Database connectivity is made through MySQL, and manipulation of any database-stored information is done through PHP. Rest assured, your website will display correctly, for anyone, anywhere, any time.

Marketing went Social

Through personal relationships with many marketing software providers, I can ensure that all your needs are met. With social media as important as email marketing nowadays, I can assist in building your initial strategies so your Return on Investment, and user retention and engagement, start high and stay high.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact me for a chat about your project ideas, or to get more clarification on my work ethos and abilities. We can discuss all the important stuff at a later point - let's get a relaxed yet professional relationship started now: you'll find my contact details at the top of the page.

Case Studies

Inclusive Access Group

The Inclusive Access Group were a startup company, built off the generosity and consideration of one woman with expertise in a particular field, and a desire to help those who needed it. As such, the website needed to perfectly mirror their attitude, and be accessible to all.

It features a simple yet instinctive layout, contrasting yet complimentary colours, and a triple-stage responsive design so that it can be browsed easily on phone, tablet and laptop/PC. A simple contact form ensures data can be gathered with minimal fuss.

UKi Media & Events

An exhibition organiser and magazine publisher with a presence on four continents, UKi Media & Events required a multilingual, content-rich site. Framework-built for fast prototyping and standards compliance, the website features Google Maps integration, a slew of sub-domains and mini-sites, and is in the process of having it's translated content database-driven, for faster updating and less code re-use.

The site was previously a forgotten, static eye-sore, with out-of-date content and code from the 1990s - it's now vibrant in colour and design, with bold, large images, video embeds, responsive design and a team of people providing daily content updates.

An on-going project in a permanent position, along with all internal associated sites.

Dorking Tabletop Club

One of my most ambitious personal projects, Dorking Tabletop Club started life as a simple spreadsheet, and became a dynamic, thriving community based around a board/role-playing gaming group. It features:

  • Personal profiles, with the ability to update contact details, and add/amend/remove from their collection
  • A voting system built from the ground up, where members can mark attendance and shape future events
  • Hosting privileges, open to all, with database stored/accessed events
  • Large images, to add colour and "eye candy" to an otherwise text-based site
  • Fully-responsive design, built off of the Bootstrap framework

Dorking Tabletop Club is currently viewable by members only. However, if you live in the Surrey/Sussex area any fancy coming along to a board gaming night, get in contact! We're friendly! :)

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